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Special Cupcakes #03240 Wendy Sweetser, 144 pages, (Hardback).

Cupcakes are little treasures, mini cakes that bring joy to adults and children alike. The passion for cupcakes shows no sign of diminishing, as people seek out more sophisticated designs and fantastic flavours.
Cupcakes have moved on from being just a treat for children, and it is not unusual to see wedding cupcakes, and boxes of cupcakes sent as gifts - whether to celebrate a new baby, or as a Mother's Day gift.
This gorgeous new book contains over 50 recipes for exciting, new and special cupcakes. There are cupcakes for festive celebrations such as Christmas, parties, Valentine's Day, Weddings, and Baby Showers. There are recipes for cupcakes using interesting ingredients and unusual flavours. There is also a chapter on not-so-guilty treats such as carrot, orange and cinnamon cupcakes, and beetroot and bitter chocolate cupcakes.
Recipes include: Caribbean mango and palm sugar, Coconut with passion fruit icing, Peach melba, Tiramisu, Chocca-mocha with peppermint frosting, Blueberry and vanilla yogurt, and Strawberry daiquiri.
A basics section covers essential equipment, ingredients and decorations, as well as going on to cover basic recipes and techniques, decorating tips, and packaging and presentation ideas.

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