SK Professional Dust Food Colour Blackberry (Black)

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Sale price£2.65
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Squires Kitchen's range of 30 stunning Paste Food Colours is suitable for painting and colouring sugarpaste, marzipan, flower paste, pastillage, buttercream, mashed potato, pastry – in fact, any food that you would like to brighten for a special occasion.
All Squires Kitchen paste colours are glycerine-free and therefore suitable for run-outs and sugar flower work where complete drying is essential. The paste colours will not alter the consistency of the paste/icing as liquid colour can. They are fully intermixable, so you can have fun experimenting to find the exact colour you require

This fabulous range of 29 edible dust colours are available in 4g pods Use for dusting dry sugar work such as marzipan, royal icing, pastillage, sugarpaste and sugar flowers. Also suitable for colouring white chocolate.

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