Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide, at a very competitive shipping cost.

VAT /Tax free shopping to all non UK  destination. We do not charge VAT (UK sales tax) , when we ship to out side UK

Tax free shopping also available from our retail store at Surbiton. If you are a visitor to UK, you may get VAT refund, please ask any member of our staff at the store (Condition applies)


Online Order Value Discount*

Only one discount per order, maximum available discount applies automatically

Order Value Discount applicable to almost all items including discounted items. Just a handful of items are excluded from this discount, these items are clearly marked as such.

Order Value over £100 GBP get 10% Discount (Before VAT)

These discount offers may end without any notification.

Discount Exempt Items

Items displaying "On Offer" sign exempt from any further discount

There are few items marked as Discount Exempt, which are excluded from any further discount. These items are clearly marked as such. If your order includes any of these items, any additional discount applied will be removed from your final invoice and invoice will be adjusted accordingly

And Extra discount when you buy multiple packs of the same products on many of the selected brands/ products, including JEM, Blossom Sugar Art, Rainbow Dust Colours, Patchwork Cutters, Sugarflair Colours, Cake Boards, Cake Boxes and many more

In addition to these, many products are listed with up to 25% off the RRP

*for online orders only and discount rate may be altered without any notice. Online discount are not available at our retail store at Surbiton. at the mean time Our Retail Store do offer special offers which are not available in our online store