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20 To Make: Sugar Animals (Twenty to Make)
Frances McNaughton, 48 pages, (Paperback).
Sugarcraft expert Frances McNaughton has designed 20 wonderful sugar animals that you will want to make using simple tools and techniques, and readily available ingredients.
The animals in this book are made using techniques suitable for beginners, with a few detailed models for the more advanced.
There are clear step-by-step instructions for the range of popular animals which include an elephant, panda, hippo, lion, and monkey.

Product Description
Frances McNaughton shows how to make cute and funny sugar animals for cake decorating using sugarpaste and a few simple tools and techniques. First we learn about the simple shapes that are the basis for all the animals, and the few basic tools that are needed. Then it is staight on to making elephants, monkeys, pandas, lizards, dolphins, kangaroos and much more. The constituent parts of the animals are shown with the step by step instructions, and annotated for clarity, then each finished animal is pictured in all its splendour. Animal lovers will be thrilled to see any of these appealing creatures on top of a celebratory cake.

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