Bake Me I'm Yours.....Cupcake Love #03121

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Zoe Clark, 120 pages, (Hardback).

This is an indulgent collection of 30 cupcake projects, with variations and ideas for every romantic occasion. Whether you are baking for a romantic celebration, showing you care, or you simply adore unashamedly girly sugarcraft designs, this book will show you how to
Bake Me I'm Yours.....Cupcake Love #03121
do it in a fun and easy way.
Cupcake Love includes some very pretty and highly decorative designs that scream romance. Unlike the cupcakes you find on the high street, each project requires some basic sugarcrafting skills to create the decorations that make them unique. Naturally, because of the theme, a lot of the designs involve flower making in the form of roses and blossoms.
Clear, step-by-step instructions guide even the most novice decorator through the stages. Professional tips and mouth-watering photography will further entice you to sample this tantalizing cupcake selection.

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