CAKE JACKS, 4" 6/pk

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CAKE JACKS, Height Adjustable Cake Dowels rods (pack of 6)
Can be increased the height to further 30mm

Patented product. Simply turn the screw to adjust the height of the rods
75 mm (3") tall and can be increased to further 30 mm (1.25")
Clean, safe and fast. simply insert in to the cake turn the screw to increase the height to required height then place the cake on top of it. Always perfectly levelled cake every time. no need to cut the dowel. Use it again and again as it can be adjusted to another cake just by turning the screw.
Ideal for stacked cakes or even as floating cake effect
For stacked cakes
8" cake 4 Adjustable rods
10" cake 5 Adjustable rods
12" cake 6 Adjustable rods
14" cake 7 Adjustable rods
for floating effect use more for strength

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