Cakeit cake Decorating Kit and online Tutorial

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21 Piece Buttercream cake decorating kit with online Tutorial

Buttercream Decorated Cupcakes Kit With Online Course (Detail instruction on how to accessing cakeit supplied with the kit.
Learn how to decorate beautiful cupcakes with Cakeit.
The Cakeit kit contains essential cake decorating equipment and
access to the Cakeit online video learning platform; everything you
need to learn how to create buttercream decorated cupcakes.
Learn at your own pace, Learn at your own convenience, Learn in the comfort of your own home.
Step-by-step online video, lessons ensure you don’t miss a tip or technique
Access to many delicious recipes, Suitable for all ages and abilities.the Cakeit Courses are convenient, informative and fun
Box Content
1 x 16in 48 Premium Icing Bag
5 x 12in 30cm Disposable Icing Bag
1 x No 1M Star Savoy Piping Nozzle
1 x No 2R Plain Savoy Piping Nozzle
1 x No 2D Drop Flower Piping Nozzle
1 x No 2 Plain Piping Nozzle
1 x No 12 Plain Piping Nozzle
1 x No 22 Star Piping Nozzle
1 x No 70 leaf Piping Nozzle
1 x No104 Straight Petal/Ruffle Nozzle
1 x No 233 Grass/Hair/Fur Piping Nozzle
1 x No 232 Cupcake Filler Nozzle
1 x No 918 Flower Lifter
1 x No 7 Flower Nail
1 x Pk of 60 Party Fun Standard Baking Cases
1 x Pk of 100 Carnival Mini Baking Cases
1 x Icing Bag Adapter Medium 3 piece

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