Colour Mill Booster 20ml

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Sale price£5.49
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Colour Mill Oil Based Colour Enhancer.

This is NOT a food colouring, it is a cost-effective way of creating an oil-based colouring using your conventional paste or gel colours when adding to products with a higher fat content.

  • Its special formula makes your normal paste or gel colouring much more suited for colouring buttercream, ganache, Swiss meringue, chocolate, cake mix batters etc.
  • Booster works by emulsifying so allows different types of ingredients to mix
  • Helps disperse your colour and dye more evenly through a fat-rich medium
  • Improves fluidity in chocolate in a similar way to adding cocoa butter
  • Mix approx 2-3 booster to 1 part paste or gel colouring

Available in a 20ml 

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