COCOA BUTTER WITH NATURAL FOOD COLORING -YELLOW 220g #CHN02 -You will obtain a velvet effect when spray

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Sale price£16.99
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The NATURAL Food Color Velvet Lacquer Orange Liposoluble (without titanium dioxide) is ideal for coloring chocolate-based confectionery, Easter subjects, desserts, creams ...

With this Liposoluble food coloring (without titanium dioxide) you will obtain a velvet effect when sprayed, by placing the subjects in the freezer beforehand.

Heat the dye to around 35 ° C in the microwave, bain-marie or in an oven. Dilute according to the standards in force, in melted cocoa butter for spraying or then apply with a brush.

Composition: Cocoa butter, radish, apple, blackcurrant, processed with water, maltodextrin and citric acid.

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