Flossie Crums and the Fairy Cupcake Ball by Helen Nathan

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Flossie Crums and the Fairy Cupcake Ball by Helen Nathan

Flossie Crums is almost eight, loves cooking and dressing up, and has fairies living in her garden. When they ask her to make fairy cupcakes for Queen Rosie’s birthday ball, she and her mum come up with some delicious recipes!
This is the first baking adventure in the fairy kingdom of Romolonia – a beautifully illustrated fairytale adventure and recipe book rolled into one. Parents and children will love reading the exciting story of how Flossie saves the day at the fairy cupcake ball, then baking and decorating the delicious fairy cakes together using the easy-to-follow recipes. A photograph of each cake Flossie creates for her fairy friends is given with the recipe and the brilliant illustrations of vibrant scenes from Flossie’s exciting and enchanted adventure are sure to capture the imagination of children everywhere.

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