Wilton® Flower Wave Drying Rack #1907-1362

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Form flawless gum paste and fondant flowers using the Flower Wave Drying Rack. The uniquely curved Wave cups flowers to create realistic blooms, while the elevated rack allows you to hang wired flowers for a natural shape. Holes stabilize wired fondant flowers.
Dry and shape all sizes of flowers and leaves on waved drying rack.
Waved tray shapes concave and convex flower petals and leaves.
Drying rack features holes to stabilize wired fondant flowers.
Ventilated holes allow air flow for faster drying.
Collapsible legs fold for space-saving storage.
Great for wired and un-wired fondant flowers and leaves while they dry. Ventilated holes allow air flow for faster drying. Outer rim provides ample space for larger assembled flowers or thicker wired pieces. Non-skid feet provide extra stability and the collapsible legs fold for space-saving storage.

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