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Cake Characters -Ann Pickard (Paperback)
Product Description
Ann Pickard, 155 pages, (Paperback).
A fun and quirky character book from Ann Pickard. Contains 30 easy-to-make characters to personalise and customise cakes for both adults and children.
Readers will never be stuck for ideas and inspiration, no matter what the theme of the party. Characters include cats, dogs, elephant, mouse, baby, child, man and woman, as well as the Santa, snowman and penguins.
None of the models are complicated - most take only 10-15 minutes to make and are all suitable for the complete beginner.

Imagine the surprise of a toddler whose birthday cake is topped by a cute pig lolling in royal icing “mud!” Or the delight of a mom-to-be whose shower cake features a teddy bear on a pink or blue blanket. These are just two of 30 spectacular projects in this delightful idea book for do-it-yourself cake decorators. Adorable animals, as well as a snowman, clown, Santa Claus, and more come to life in three-dimensional marzipan. There’s a “Basic Recipe and Techniques” section and detailed instructions on how to set poses and facial expressions. Best of all, the author offers invaluable tips on personalizing her ideas to fit any occasion and honoree.

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