Broderie Anglaise Cake Lace Mat

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Broderie Anglaise is a 3D silicone Cake Lace Mat by Claire Bowman that produces a true lace design with 2 different depths. The constant 3 D design captures the distinct look of English embroidery and will fit right in on numerous cake styles.
To use the Broderie Anglaise simply prepare your cake lace mix and apply using the Cake Lace Spreading Knife for even and thorough distribution. Leave your Cake Lace to dry (either in the oven or air-dry) and then remove from the mat providing a flexible and edible design.

This gorgeous mat will allow you not only to make a fabulous lace dressing for your cake but will also help you to make a 3D bow to hang of your cake, a pretty and sophisticated wedding cake decoration.
This durable mat can be washed in soapy water and used several times.
Use with Claire Bowman edible lace mix to create a flexible lace is simple to create using this mat and would be perfect for any occasion.
180 x 370 mm

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