Florence Flower Cake Lace Mat

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Florence Flower Cake Lace Mat
Florence Flower Cake Lace Mat is a 3D silicone mat by Claire Bowman that produces a true to life lace design sure to add a natural aesthetic to any cake. The 3D design allows for both vintage and elegant designs to be made and can be applied over tiered layers as well as for cupcake size designs.
To use the Florence Flower simply prepare your cake lace mix and apply using the Cake Lace Spreading Knife for even and thorough distribution. Leave your Cake Lace to dry (either in the oven or air-dry) and then remove from the mat providing a flexible and edible design.
380mm x 260mm

This stunning mat will should be used with Edible Lace mix to create a fabulous finishing touch to any celebration or wedding cake.
Flexible lace is simple to create using this mat and would be perfect for a Winter Wedding Centrepiece.
Made from durable silicone, the mat can be used over and over again, and is easy to clean using warm soapy water.
Size 355 x 240mm

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