Checkerboard Cake Set (#2105-9961)

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This set includes three round tins with a mixture dividing ring and easy lift handles, as well as instructions for use. Perfect for special celebration cakes!
Dimensions: 230mm (9'') dia x 40mm (1?'') deep.

Checkerboard Cake Set
Three pans feature oversized handles for safe lifting from the oven; Non-stick steel pans; plastic Dividing Ring.
With this unique baking set, you’ll create cakes with an exciting multicolored pattern–there’s style in every slice! Baking is easy with the Batter Dividing Ring included. Just place the Dividing Ring in one of the three 9 x 2 in. pans in the set and follow instructions for adding dark and light colors of batter in the divisions. Repeat for 2 more layers, pouring the dark and light batters in opposite sections for the middle layer. Use the Dividing Ring's easy-lift handles to lift out ring before baking, then stack cakes to form the checkerboard. Enjoy two tastes in one cake–try the Golden Yellow/Chocolate recipe on the package. Great for colorful holiday cakes, too!

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