PME FOOTBALL metallic foil lined cupcake baking cases - pk 30

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30 FOOTBALL standard size foil lined cupcake baking cases from PME

  • good quality foil-lined paper baking cases
  • ideal for cupcakes, fairy cakes, muffins, buns and treats
  • the foil lining acts as a greaseproof barrier that helps ensure the cupcakes bake perfectly and that the colours on the cases remain vibrant even after baking
  • a good bit more expensive than standard paper cupcake cases but the results are worth it
  • average contents 30
  • approx 5cm / 50mm / 2" diameter base
  • approx 3cm / 28mm / just over 1" deep
  • diameter of top varies as cases will open naturally - up to approx 70mm diameter
  • fit most standard cupcake pans / tins - the cases are actually 1mm smaller than most brands, making them really easy to remove from the pan
  • not microwave safe due to foil lining
  • retail packed in acetate box
  • shade accuracy - please remember colours shown are representative only and will look different on different PC monitors and tablet / phone screens
  • QUALITY INFO - the performance of all baking cases relies as much on cake mix recipe, ingredients, oven temperature, ambient temperature and humidity as much as the cases themselves.  Quality, measured purely in terms of thickness of paper, varies from one manufacturer to another
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