SK Gold Leaf Flake

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Sale price£4.99 GBP
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Edible Gold or Edible Silver leaf flakes in a pot -eq to one sheet of75x75mm

An ideal method of adding sparkle to your sugarcraft creations for extra special occasions, and for removable surface decoration.
For ideas on how to use SK Silver Leaf Flake for gilding please click on the numbers below the picture right:
Step 1): Create a cherub by working some Sugar Florist Paste into a mould and then easing the mould away from the SFP. Gently remove the mould by pushing it out from the bsck.
Step 2): Brush the cherub with some SK Gum Tragacanth, ensuring all the crevices are covered. Place a sheet of SK Silver Leaf Flake onto the cherub, without touching the gold itself. Remove the backing paper and use mini bellows to gently blow the SK Silver Leaf onto the cherub. Using a large, soft bristle brush, very gently tap the gold onto the cherub, concentrating on the detailed parts. Leave to dry, using the same brush to remove any small pieces of gold.
Step 3): Buff the silver lightly to smooth it. If you do not have any gum Tragacanth, Squires Kitchen Edible Glue can be used instead

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